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2017 GET show perfect ending, let us meet 2018
Source:American Valtec | 2017-09-15

Recently, Ferdinand Field Electronic Festival in the northern German grand opening. The Ferdinand Fields Festival is one of the largest music festivals in northern Germany and is the most popular and fastest growing outdoor electronic music festival in electronic music festivals. The festivals were found by Roger Horton and Mark Bale, who worked with Dutch DJ / producer Bobby Rock, who was on Nicky Romero A lot of songs are well known in this industry.


This year's theme song is "The bass", the only purpose of this monster is to make this holiday into a zoo, so that people become crazy up. Like a drop of full of great energy poison, so that everyone in the 2017 Ferdinand Field Music Festival hi turn!




American Valtec's new partner, the German professional sound brand, Voice-Acoustic, provides technical and equipment support for the Ferdinand Fields Festival, and American Valtec's mission is to ensure success with first-class quality.


Live music sound is great, but the sound of the entire venue is very uniform, no matter which direction in the stage can hear very clearly and comfortable. The huge site has little effect on the sound quality, and there is little interference in the music of each stage. And then with the right light on the stage effects and fireworks, the atmosphere has been ignited the audience!


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