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86 glorious history of the brand


  Theatre sound is an integrated manufacturing company that produces loudspeaker systems, power amplifiers, processing systems, audio mixers and microphones.


  In 1925, the theater began to establish sound brand, and in the field of speaker (PA) formed its initial stage, and served as a leader in the market for nearly half a century. It is actively adopting excellent processes, designs and materials, and often pays attention to feedback from users. A series of products that meet the needs of the times by using their own unique technology are manufactured. Aluminum film compression high frequency drives with flat coils are produced. To produce the world's first Concentrics (12 inch V12) and registered patents for AUPLEX in 1947, the famous V15 VUPLEX 15 inch loudspeaker came out, so far as the world standard coaxial speaker, will launch theater speaker system (Voice of The Thea-tre); V208B, multi cylinder, VACOUSTA-VOICSING filter equalization system, orange shaped (VTANGERINE) phase high frequency driver interpolation, MANTARAY constant and directional horn plays a guiding role in the world of professional audio market.


  With the development of the history of theatre sound, there are many undeniable achievements. From the beginning of large-scale facilities church, stadium, arena and Conference Center, the sound system to the school classrooms, gymnasium, cinema, hotel, hall, conference rooms, entertainment, all kinds of emergency alarm system, airport, port traffic control systems, broadcast systems and so on, those who need to sound almost all over the place, all is it products.


  Based on the above results and the data accumulated over the years, the theater voice can provide a lot of technical support information related to the design of the sound system. Today, it has developed a sound support design software using computers, so it is one step ahead of faster, more correct and convenient design of sound system.


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