3 high-power screen array speakers

The system built-in DSP digital power amplifier module provides 1700W peak power *, small size, high power, easy to use;
Based on DSP digital input module provides system optimization and EQ function, through the external computer VQ-6P line array control system software to adjust precisely, but also through the control panel to quickly retrieve the default 32 scene programs, and level control and other fast operating*;
BASS PHASE TYPE TM low frequency phase plug patented technology to achieve low frequency linear transmission multiplication;
By more than VQ6P combination, increase the efficiency of IF, can effectively improve the frequency response characteristics;
World-class quality of the two 6.5 "NdFeB low-frequency unit, a 2.0" voice coil NdFeB high-frequency compression driver, to provide high sound pressure dynamic energy and high durability;
Russia 18mm multi-layer birch box, precision volume design, the surface of the black wear-resistant polymer waterproof coating;
Surface acoustic waveguide tube High frequency optimization combined with BASS PHASE TYPE TM Low frequency phase plug patented technology provides smooth linear sound output;
Superior combination of design, providing a floor, support, hanging and other applications;
Optional accessories air box VQ6P-CASE, will be 2 VQ6P and 1 W215P comprehensive protection for mobile performance;
* Built-in DSP digital power amplifier module installed in the W215P.


The VQ6P is a dual 6.5 "two-way cable array speaker system that provides drive energy * by the system's built-in DSP digital amplifier module. The compact cabinet design is lightweight and flexible and can be quickly installed for a variety of small and medium-sized projects or venues. Primer BASS PHASE TYPE TM low frequency phase plug patented technology applications which achieve low frequency linear transmission multiplication, small body, large energy, Valtec-Tubesound unique sound, clear, bright, smooth curve, impressive.
* Built-in DSP digital power amplifier module installed in the W215P

  • Innovation

    Each of the components of the VQ6P is designed for line array characteristics, high output and consistent linear frequency response; rigorous design provides high frequency and low frequency high energy output, accurate horizontal 90 ° * vertical 3 ° radiation, improved low frequency extension Dive to 150hz

  • High frequency section

    2 "voice coil, neodymium iron boron high frequency compression driver, provide high energy output, flat acoustic wave guide tube, optimize linear curve, accurate projection sound."

  • Low frequency

    6.5, NdFeB low frequency unit, high efficiency, dual cell symmetrical design provides loud pressure, large dynamic energy and high durability reliability

  • Low frequency phase plug patented technology

    The world's first BASS PHASE TYPE TM low frequency phase plug patent technology, to realize the low frequency linear transmission double, small body, large energy, Valtec-Tubesound unique sound, clear and bright, smooth curves, impressive.

  • New image

    The new design of the full grille acoustic screen prevents the interference of the intermediate section due to comb filtering and optimizes the pointing. At the same time, reduce the number of exposed components and avoid speaker damage due to extreme weather and transportation. High quality birch case and coating protects VQ6P from moisture and moisture resistance.

  • Innovative rapid installation system

    The VQ6P box is trapezoidal, and the clearance between the cases has been minimized to reduce the ineffective audible range and minimize the vertical sidelobe of the line array. The box body is assembled with a precise aluminium alloy hoisting system, and the connecting angle between the box bodies is quickly and arbitrarily regulated by the connecting rod between 0 DEG -12 degrees. The connecting rod latch adopts an innovative magnetic design to reduce noise effectively. A variety of accessories are free to choose landing, lifting, support lifting three application patterns, and in line with human engineering applications.


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